Bethenny is Back! Bethenny Frankel’s Tips for Holiday Eating

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This week while running on the treadmill, doing my usual routine of reading a magazine, I discovered that two of my favorite things had joined forces! First, the new edition of my FAVORITE cooking magazine Clean Eating hit the shelves. I immediately scooped it up and brought it to the gym. Second, my favorite reality TV star and health food chef Bethenny Frankel did an interview in the magazine! This was perfect timing because I have really been missing her presence on Bravo.

With Thanksgiving exactly one week away and the holidays right around the corner, Bethenny offered Clean Eating some valuable holiday diet tips for getting through the season while maintaining your fit and fabulous figure. Check out what Bethenny Franked had to say, and next time you are in the market pick up a copy of Clean Eating! If you are a healthy eater like me, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The first of Bethenny’s holiday diet tips was not to make eating habits “obsessive or extreme.” She says, “Most people make resolutions in January, which are just these big grand statements – they’re not sustainable and can’t be maintained. It’s more about easing into it and developing a food voice. Your diet is a bank account, so you should have an internal dialogue throughout the day about what you’ve already eaten and what you should still consume to balance that out. If you had a couple bites of chocolate cake, be aware of that later on and opt to not have cheesecake as well.”

Bethenny Frankel also described some staples she keeps in her kitchen, which help her throw a healthy and delicious meal together. She says, “Pesto and sun-dried tomatoes can always help add a bit more flavor to a quick pasta, but you may want to keep in mind that they are somewhat perishable. Frozen vegetables are also great: I like to keep spinach, peas and even butternut squash in my freezer. And definitely lemon, olive oil, garlic, parsley, sea salt and black pepper – they can turn fish, grains or almost anything into something delicious.” Great ideas! I have been throwing a cup of frozen spinach into store bought pasta sauce lately to add an extra punch of nutrients.

Next Bethenny cleared up some food myths. “Many people think that anything you can buy in a health food store is inherently healthy, which is absolutely not the case. Even those retailers sell energy drinks, products with ingredients you can’t pronounce and a lot of junk “health” food. A great deal of vegan and vegetarian fare is also processed, but many consumers believe that these foods are automatically healthy. For example, many soy cheeses and textured soy protein have tons of foreign ingredients. And, many consumers thing that fat-free foods are better for you, when, in fact, they often contain more chemicals or sugars to make up for the loss of fat. People are definitely misguided. I think we should eat real food.” Always check the ingredients on food labels! Often if you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients on the list, the item is not as healthy as you hope.

Finally, Bethenny provided some insight on how to entertain during the holiday season without gaining winter weight. She says, “There are healthier versions of everything. And you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to flavor. You just have to find ways to make the things you love by renovating them, such as a healthy sweet potato souffle, gravy, chicken wings or even blue cheese dip. Everything can be revamped!” “When you’re at a cocktail party, here’s a trick to navigating the buffet table and hors d’oeuvres: Go for the high-volume investments first, even if you don’t want them! Reach for the vegetables then perhaps the high-protein options, such as shrimp, to fill yourself up. Start with the healthier menu items and you’ll be better equipped to enjoy just a small amount of the more decadent fare later on (without stomach pangs!).”

Check out Bethenny Frankel’s website for more tips and recipes. Also check out my previous posts on her!

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