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hilary swank picture 71 Hilary Swank Works Out to Feel Good role preparation exercises celebrity workouts Hilary Swank started getting noticed for her body when she gained 19 lbs. of muscle for her role in Million Dollar Baby. Although Hilary is not quite as buff in her latest movie Amelia, released on DVD yesterday, she maintains a tightly toned body.

To prepare for her role as Amelia Earhart, Hilary Swank took private lessons in “core fusion” at Santa Monica workout studio Exhale. Core fusion combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet to create a 60-minute total-body toning workout. When not preparing for a particular role, Hilary’s workout routine is a little different. “I would say a normal exercise routine for me would be maybe running three days a week, or running twice a week, and pilates three days a week. I don’t do it everyday; I usually take two days off during the week.” Hilary enjoys exercising because “it’s a huge stress relief; it mentally makes me feel great. It gets my blood going, it gives me more energy, and it makes me think better.”

Hilary Swank also credits her enviable body to good genes and healthy eating. “I really like food and food is life to me, but I kind of eat what I want and do it in moderation. Not because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t feel good if I eat two donuts. I eat one that’s fine, but if I eat two I feel sick and that’s not a fun feeling. If my body craves something I allow myself to have it, but on the flip side of that I really have to take good care of myself because I work nonstop.” Hilary is knowledgeable about nutrition and takes vitamins to ensure she has enough energy to sustain her busy schedule. “I take my vitamins, I’m a real vitamin person. I got my blood tested so I knew vitamins I needed the most of.”

If you want Hilary’s arms, try these exercises created by her personal trainers, Rich and Helene Guzman, as described to Fitness magazine:

What You Need: A resistance band or tubing, a step bench or stairs, and a chair or stability ball.

The exercise: Band series

A. Chest flye: Tie a resistance band or tubing around a sturdy object at about chest height. Stand facing away from the anchor point, holding one end of band in each hand with feet staggered and arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Slowly bring ends of band together in front of chest, rotating palms down. Slowly return to start, keeping elbows slightly bent; repeat. Do as many reps as you can without losing form.

B. Triceps extension: Untie the band and place one end under right foot, holding other end in right hand. Raise right arm next to head, keeping elbow bent and close to ear. Slowly extend arm, then lower to start and repeat. Do as many reps as you can; switch sides.

C. Biceps curl: Stand on center of band, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one end of band in each hand, palms facing up and elbows close to sides. Keeping elbows pressed into rib cage, slowly curl hands toward shoulders, keeping wrists straight. Lower and repeat; do as many reps as you can.

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