10 More of the Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know

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Laura Vandervoort and Some of the Fittest Celebrities You Don't Know

Last month we introduced the Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know. This month, we’re presenting ten more of the fittest celebrities you don’t know.

Laura Vandervoort – “V”

Laura Vandervoort plays the alien Lisa in the ABC series V and formerly played Supergirl on Smallville. She’s not only a black belt in karate (she earned her second degree black belt at sixteen years of age), but also does all her own stunts. In addition, Laura Vandervoort partakes in various sports like soccer, tennis, and gymnastics to workout.

Danneel Harris – One Tree Hill

Danneel Harris currently stars in One Tree Hill as Rachel Gatina. She is not only a gifted actress, but Danneel Harris is also a gifted singer, piano player, and gymnast. Her best workout, diet, and beauty tips? Lots of sleep and food low in sodium before big events to reduce puffiness and water retention.

You can also check out Danneel on the big screen alongside Jennifer Lopez in The Backup Plan. Danneel Harris is also set to star in the NBC comedy pilot Friends With Benefits.

Ryan McPartlin – Chuck

Ryan McPartlin plays “Captain Awesome” in the NBC drama Chuck along with Yvonne Strahovski (yet another of the fittest celebrities you don’t know).  Ryan McPartlin is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and football player for the University of Illinois.  He is certainly not shy about showing off his body.

Coincidentally, “Captain Awesome” recently auditioned for the role as Captain America in the title film due out in summer 2011.

alanritchson thumb 10 More of the Fittest Celebrities You Dont Know fitness news featured celebrity fitness Alan Ritchson – Blue Mountain State

Former Smallville star and American Idol contestant, Alan Ritchson currently stars in the Spike TV comedy Blue Mountain State in which he plays a meathead defensive lineman. The shoots for BMS are quite demanding on Ritchson, who does 100-yard sprints, intervals, and three to five-mile runs to workout between each take.

Alan Ritchson first got in shape back in high school with this simple workout:

  1. Jog to a local park (2-3 miles)
  2. Perform the following 4 exercises as a circuit. Rest 30 seconds after each circuit. Do 4 circuits.
    • 25 pushups
    • 25 pullups (try using the monkey bars)
    • 25 dips (try using the monkey bars)
    • 50 situps
  3. Jog back

Katrina Bowden – 30 Rock

Katrina Bowden plays Cerie on 30 Rock.  According to Shape, her workout includes weight lifting, cardio, and yoga. As for her diet, Katrina Bowden limits her carbs, while eating lean meats and salads.

Thomas Jane – Hung

Thomas Jane, star of Punisher and the HBO show Hung, worked out at least four times per week for the upcoming second season of Hung.  The 40-year-old actor supplemented his workout by eating six times per day. Stay tuned for more details about the diet and workout of Thomas Jane as the new season of Hung approaches.

ShaunT thumb thumb 10 More of the Fittest Celebrities You Dont Know fitness news featured celebrity fitness Shaun T – choreographer, trainer

Yet another celebrity choreographer and trainer on our list is Shaun T, the evil genius behind the INSANITY Workout and Hip Hop Abs His credits include: the musical of The Ten Commandments (alongside Val Kilmer), Pippin, Applause, and Six Feet Under. Shaun T has also worked with Mariah Carey, Aaron and Nick Carter, and Elephant Man.

Stana Katic – Castle

Stana Katic of Castle plays detective Kate Beckett. Stana likes to workout outside. In particular, she loves archery.  “It really tones my upper body,” she says. In addition, Stana Katic follows an organic diet with minimal processed foods.

Erica Durance1 thumb 10 More of the Fittest Celebrities You Dont Know fitness news featured celebrity fitness Erica Durance – Smallville

Erica Durance was voted one of the sexiest women by FHM four years in a row. Her accolades also include Lois Lane in Smallville and The Butterfly Effect 2.

To be one of the fittest celebrities, Erica Durance tries to workout 6 days a week by mixing up her workout routine with cardio, weight lifting, and yoga.

Jamie King – choreographer

Jamie King is one of the most famous choreographers around. At only 19 years of age, his resume already includes Rihanna, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Prince, and Jennifer Lopez. Jamie King has created multiple workouts including the Nike Rockstar Workout and Rock Your Body that focus on athleticism and cardio through dancing.

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