Vegetarian Celebrities Use Meal Delivery Services

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Vegetarian and Vegan Celebrities, like Alicia Silverstone, Use Meal Delivery Services

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to eat healthy all the time. Not every one has the time to buy a variety of ingredients and  prepare their own meals without repeating the same recipes over and over. This is even more difficult if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan. Celebrity vegetarians (and celebrity vegans) face this same difficulty.

However, there is hope – at least if you live in Southern California (for those living elsewhere see below) – thanks to home delivery services like Vegin’ Out. Even celebrities are flocking to delivery services, like Vegin’ Out.

Andy Dick

“These guys are awesome! The service fits perfectly into my schedule which is erratic and ever changing, just like my personality. Believe it or not, this food centers me and it’s always healthy and delicious. And the cookies are killer!”

Alicia Silverstone

“I love Vegin’ Out, it’s so yummy! Even if you’re not vegan, give it a try, cause who wouldn’t want delicious healthy food all prepared and brought right to your doorstep! It’s so convenient, I don’t even have to think about it, and I’m always looking forward to tasting the original dishes they’re constantly creating. Oh and you must taste the cookies! Try them once and you’ll be hooked!”

Vegin’ Out was created by nutritional chef Tim Boissy (a vegan since 1986), who realized that health conscious people didn’t have time to prepare great-tasting, healthy meals at home. The concept was simple: To give customers all of their meals for the week at once.

How It Works

Basically, if you live in the L.A. area, deliveries are made on Mondays between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. All orders shipped outside of the L.A area (in southern California) arrive via FedEx on Tuesdays by the end of the business day.

How Much Food?

In a single order you will receive 9-10 meals worth of food. Each order is made up of 3 Entrees, 4 Side Dishes, 1 Soup and 5 Vegan Cookies. You get 3 servings of each Entree, Side Dish, and Soup. (Extra Main and side dishes can be added to an order a la carte style.)

Sample Menu


  • Cauliflower Cream Penne
  • Braised Tofu in Peanut Sauce
  • Fat Tire Stew


  • Quinoa Tabouli
  • Tomato Cucumber Salad
  • Edamame Potato Salad
  • Three Bean Salad


  • Country Veggie and Barley


  • Black Forest

For those of you outside of Southern California, don’t despair. Here are some other options:

Nu-Kitchen (serves New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, and more)

Mary Louise Parker

“As a New Yorker, I love the convenience of having Nu-Kitchen deliver my meals daily. The food is of exceptional quality, delicious and healthy. Some of my favorite dishes include the breakfast granola, turkey meatballs, and of course, the chocolate chip cookies!!!”

Molly Sims

“I’m traveling between NY and LA all the time, and it’s so important to eat right. I just feel better when I’m healthy, and Nu-Kitchen helps me stay healthy and feel good when I’m too busy to think about food.”

Anna Gasteyer

“Nu-Kitchen has been immeasurably helpful to my family during the eight-show-a-week grind…. Nu-Kitchen has given us the freedom to worry about spending our precious time together, and nothing else.”

Steve Pasquele (Rescue Me)

“With my crazy actor schedule, it’s so easy to make bad choices in terms of food….Nu-Kitchen makes staying in shape WAY easier then anything else I’ve found. It’s tasty food, well portioned, and you never feel hungry. Without question, it is my go to ‘way to eat’ when I need to stay fit.”

Freshology (serves the lower 48 states)

Jennifer Lopez

Sarah Michelle Gellar

“Fresh Mommy saved me. I can’t imagine having the time to make well balanced meals for myself as well as taking care of my newborn. The food tastes amazing, supplies me with all the nutrients I need to stay healthy and produce milk and on top of all that…helps me lose the baby weight.”

Poppy Montgomery

“Fresh Dining is truly gourmet. I’m so impressed by the quality of the food, and the fact that they use organic ingredients. Everything is so delicious, you never feel like you’re cutting calories or missing out.”

Busy Philipps (Cougar Town)

“Fresh Mommy has taken the guess work out of making sure I’m getting the nutrition and calories I need for breast feeding while still helping me to shed the baby weight.  The food is amazing and having it delivered lets me focus on more important things- like my adorable baby girl!”

Lil’ Kim

“I love Freshology because it is healthy and tasty. And with all the hours I put into Dancing with the Stars, the convenience factor is amazing!”

Melanie Brown

“While I was doing Dancing with the Stars, there was a food company I fell in love with.  Even today, whenever [I’m] super busy, rushed off my feet and have no time to prepare the family meals, I turn to Freshology. Their food is calorie counted, gourmet, and built to your exact needs.”

Holly Robinson Peete

“Freshology has been the perfect program for me to get into summer shape while reminding me about food balance.

Angie Everhart

“I love Freshology! The food comes right to your door! Tasty and on time!”

Melinda Clarke (The OC)

“Quite simply, Fresh Dining is a superb way of eating. I’ve tried other delivery services and was never as happy as I am with Fresh Dining. The food is not only healthy but absolutely delicious and totally satisfying both mentally and physically – and I’m a food snob!”

Dina Manzo (The Real Housewives of New Jersey)

“Living well is also about taking care of your body. A morning stretch, pilates class a few days a week and some cardio works for me. I see such a difference in my body when paring this routine with the freshology program. When you are eating healthy, you just feel better ~ period. Getting to indulge on unbelievable dessert is pretty good for the soul too! Freshology’s chocolate cake is my FAVORITE and I happen to be an expert in this field.”

You can find other healthy, organic delivery options in your area here and here.

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