Superstar, Emma Stone, Does Not Succumb to Fad Diets

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Emma Stone, famous for her large roles in recent movies “Superbad,” “Easy A,” “Friends With Benefits,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “The Help,” and of course in the upcoming film “The Amazing Spider- Man,” admits to Vanity Fair that although she was never  into staying thin, she’s “definitely more conscious of it as [she’s] gotten older.” Despite all the pressure from Hollywood to be skinny, however, Emma announces that she will not succumb to the wild diets that many celebrities endure in order to be slim. She despises the recommended diets from trainers requiring dieters to eat a “palm-size piece of chicken and some beans, and work out two hours a day for the rest of your life,” and confesses that doing Pilates and weight training with Andrew Garfield (her co-star in upcoming Spider-Man movie) “brings out the anger in [her].”

What, then, does Emma Stone believe in doing in order to stay fit? Though she continues her weight training and Pilates in a studio in El Lay, she prefers to be outdoors while exercising, such as rock-climbing at Chelsea Piers in New York City. What about when she’s not in New York City? Emma also does indoor rock-climbing, as well as walks in the Hollywood Hills where she is able to get some fresh air and healthy exercise that can burn just as many calories as jogging.

So, if you wish to have Emma Stone’s figure or have a similar perspective when it comes to following diets and workout plans, instead of trying to follow particular diets that may sound ridiculous to you and feel unrealistic for your body, do what Emma does and just stay active. Go out! Take a walk, hike, rock-climb, and find outdoorsy hobbies that require you to move and stay energetic and you will gradually see how wonderful a healthy lifestyle can feel.

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