Samantha Harris Leaving DWTS to Workout More?

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samanthaharrismf 230x300   Samantha Harris Leaving DWTS to Workout More? workout routines fitness tips fitness news celebrity workouts celebrity fitness celebrity diets Ok, we made that last part up…but only because it’s probably not possible for Samantha to be more fit.  Either way, Harris announced today that she is leaving ABC’s hit reality show Dancing With the Stars and will not return as co-host for the show’s 10th season.  Samantha plans to spend more time working on other projects, like her correspondent duties at The Insider and the weekend edition of Entertainment Tonight.

Widely recognized as one of the most fit women in Hollywood Samantha has graced the cover of several fitness magazines, including four times as the Muscle & Fitness: Hers cover girl.  Here are some of the stars best fitness tips…

On how she stays on track…

“I have a tough time giving myself a day off,” Samantha admits.  “Fit in exercise like any other appointment in your day. Make it a priority to be sure that appointment happens – even if it has to be split into two shorter workouts.”

Her goals…

“My goal is maintainence for decades to come! Staying fit is a lifelong goal – to have a healthy lifestyle. To eat well and keep up a regular workout routine.  Some weeks are more challenging than others, but if I fall off track at all, my hubby and I make sure to get back on top of it again.”

A week of Samantha’s workouts…


“I take a 60-minute crazy, high-power cardio kickboxing class at the gym, with the requisite fast-paced punches, throws and kicks, Billy Blanks style.

This workout leaves me dripping by the end. It’s pretty intense; we always follow the cardio portion of the class with abs and stretching.”


“I run the Santa Monica stairs. I warm up, do some stretching and then run up the cement steps and back down again two times. After that, I run “laps” up the wood steps, over to the cement ones and down them. I’ll do 8-9 laps and then throw a last one in there as a cool-down.”


“I take a 60-minute cardio-sculpt class, which mixes cardio intervals with resistance training. Sometimes we’ll alternate five minutes of jumping rope or stepping with resistance training, and other times we’ll work with light dumbbells while on the step. At the end we focus on abs and stretching.”


“Usually I’ll do a half-hour of upper-body weight training, either on my own or in a sculpt class, followed by 30 minutes on a cardio machine. Sometimes I’ll do the elliptical, stair-stepper or stationary bike, and other times I’ll spend 10 minutes on each one.”


“I do a 60-minute sculpt and stretch class that includes abs. This is kind of a rest day for me since it’s not nearly as intense as my other workouts. I’ll use 3-, 5- and 10-pounders, doubling up when I can and drop-setting when we go for more reps to really get the muscles burning.”


“Some weeks I’ll go back to the gym for another installment of the cardio kickboxing class, but if the weather is nice, I’ll get outdoors and run the stairs again. However, when we have a chance, my husband and I enjoy going for a hike in the mountains near our home.”


“I’ll usually take another cardio sculpt class in the morning, which by this time of the week really kicks my butt. Then if things aren’t too crazy in the afternoon, I’ll go back to the gym and take a 90-minute yoga class, which really helps me to relax and stretch out my body.”

Her Diet…
“For breakfast, I’ll have Total cereal with a banana and decaf coffee, or an egg-white omelet with veggies and hot chocolate. For lunch I’ll have two chicken breasts or Total cereal. Dinner could be any of the following: a SamanthaHarrisFHM 211x300   Samantha Harris Leaving DWTS to Workout More? workout routines fitness tips fitness news celebrity workouts celebrity fitness celebrity diets chicken burrito with veggies, chopped salad with turkey or Thai chicken skewers and noodles. I love to eat, but I also work out hard to stay in shape!”

On staying in shape during her pregnancy…

“I kept up with the same activities that I was doing pre-pregnancy, just with a heart rate monitor and a slightly lower intensity under supervision of my doctor. So I felt really great and I think that really helped.”

“During the pregnancy I tried not to overindulge. I think our society has taught us that we can eat for two, and I think that’s an unfortunate bit of misinformation that’s been passed down from generation to generation. I really maintained a similar diet to what I had pre-pregnancy.”

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