Pink Takes Fitness to the Extreme

by Nate

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pink 198x300 Pink Takes Fitness to the Extreme fitness news I know this happened a while ago, but I just saw a replay of the MTV Video Music Awards and Pink’s high flying trapeze performance (see below) is incredible.

Pink likes taking her fitness to the extreme saying, “I do trapeze, flipping motorcycles, bungee jumping, skydiving. All kinds of stuff just to get me pumped. I love it.”  On how she is able to perform and do the trapeze act at the same time, Pink told Women’s Health, “I have to be able to run up those stairs as many times as I do and be able to sing at the same time. I’m an asthmatic. I have to be on that treadmill singing to get my lungs right.”

Pink also does P90X and yoga to keep her body in peak condition.

Check out more video and pics of Pink over at Women’s Health.

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