Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa’s Insane Workout

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Isaiah Mustafa, otherwise known as the Old Spice Guy, has somewhat of a cult following surrounding his ridiculously funny “The Man You Could Smell Like” commercials.   Mustafa is definitely off and running with his new-found fame.  The former NFL wide-receiver has responded to Twitter questions with even more hilarious personalized videos.  The Old Spice YouTube channel has reportedly received over 50 million views with total web views of the Old Spice Guy videos reaching over 100 million.  Sales are also up over 100% in the last month according to Nielsen.

He’s been on a horse, and now he’s in the gym.  Smell like him? How about look like him…

Mustafa’s latest video centers around his incredible workout routine.  Do you like the smell of adventure?  Well, swan dive into the best workout of your life and check out the video below…

Yes, you heard that right…that’s what the Old Spice Guy brings to the table in his workout.  Do this and you will be sure to be as jacked as Isaiah Mustafa.

The Old Spice Guy Workout

40 Planet Thrusts
100 Brachiosaurus Bench Presses
12 Tractor Curls
2 Neck Pole Vaults
300 Zebra Kicks
Cool Down – Swim across the Aegean Sea.

    OK, ok, ok…obviously he’s having a little fun with us, but Isaiah Mustafa definitely isn’t afraid to go hard during a workout.

    The Old Spice Guy has done P90X for 3 years and swears by the Tony Horton workout routine.  Isaiah Mustafa recently appeared on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno that Tony Horton has him on a crazy diet, putting 5 things on the can’t touch list.

    Tony Horton’s Diet Rules for Isaiah Mustafa

    1) No alcohol
    2) No caffeine
    3) No processed sugars
    4) No gluten
    5) Nothing with a face (aka No Meat)

    In a recent interview Mustafa was asked if he compares himself to Jersey Shore’s The Situation.  Here’s what he had to say…

    “No, please. The Situation is the best thing in the world. Who names himself the Situation? If only the Old Spice Guy would have thought of that one. How outrageous is it? I do not take myself seriously like that — not in the least bit — that would be so pretentious.”

    Actually, Isaiah Mustafa is that outrageous, telling PopEater.com that he would name his abs “The Solution.”

    Mustafa is set to appear alongside fellow fit star Jennifer Aniston in her new film, Hollywood Bosses.   The Old Spice Guy will also make a guest spot on the NBC comedy Chuck with TCW favorites Ryan McPartlin and Yvonne Strahovski.

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