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The NBC hit show Heroes returns tonight with an all-new double episode two-hour special at 8/7c.  The Heroes cast has one of Hollywood’s fittest cats, including Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the power absorbing Peter Petrelli on the hit drama.  But Ventimiglia wasn’t always as fit as he is now.

“I was very slightly built. I didn’t have a lot of man weight on me,” Ventimiglia told Men’s Fitness in an exclusive interview during the show’s 2nd season.

“Right after I got back from shooting Rocky, I looked in the mirror and said, ‘OK, I’m not a teenager anymore.’ I still looked young but I didn’t have a baby face. It was kind of a critical point, careerwise, where I needed to start going for the roles that were older. So I tried to get my physique to match and become more of a man.”

Ventimiglia hit the gym 4 times a week with his self-designed lifting routine and added 20 pounds of lean muscle.  He also did cardio work four or five times a week, incorporating jump rope and running into his regimen.  He even has a set of dumb bells in his trailer for the days where his filming schedule doesn’t let him get to the gym.

Milo credits his conscious decision to pay attention to his nutrition as part of the reason he was able to pack on the extra pounds and make himself a stronger, fitter super hero.

Heroes creator Tim Kring was impressed by the actor’s commitment to his fitness saying, “I don’t think we would have written a lot of the stuff that we did in the second half of the season had we not seen what Milo could do physically.”

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