Mel B “It’s a Scary World” Workout and Diet

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Melanie Brown of Spice Girls fame airs her new reality TV show Mel B: It’s a Scary World every Sunday on The Style Network. The new 10-episode docu-comedy captures Mel B’s new life as a mother and wife. She has given up her pop-sensation, party-girl ways, and is now trying to juggle her career and family. Not only is she training for a charity 10k with her husband, she is also creating a heart-pounding exercise video game. Check out how Melanie Brown stays in shape to keep up with her busy schedule!

Mel B on Her Workout

Melanie Brown told People, “I do half an hour of cardio and 200 sit-ups three times a day.” “I’ve always been obsessed with doing abs. I change positions every 10 reps. I like how quickly—if you stick to it—you can see results.” She also told Seventeen how to stay motivated, saying, “Start a club. Start where you’ll partner with your friends and have workout buddies. It becomes not just about you, but the whole team. That’s what I think works best anyway — instead of beating yourself up, like ‘C’mon! You can do it!’, it’s nice to have friends to rely on also. That’s where I come from. I’m all about women embracing women and giving each other motivation and strength.

Mel B even fits in a workout when she is having a rough day. She says, “I think the best thing you can do is take a nice, long bath. Play your music, light your candles, and just be good to yourself. I guess that should be the end of the day, actually. But, work out! Get yourself active; get your heart rate up. Whether it’s going for a bit of a hike outdoors … there’s great parks and places you can go.”

Mel B’s Delivery Diet

Melanie Brown loves to eat, but also fits a healthy diet into her busy schedule. She says, “I have to eat . . . and I’m addicted to quinoa.” She receives healthy fare from Freshology, a food delivery service, which brings her a diet including lean proteins like fish and chicken. But one day a week, she eats whatever she wants. “I splurge on whatever I’m craving—either an In-and-Out cheeseburger or a traditional English Sunday roast.”

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