Mariah Carey Loses Post-Baby Weight Through Ocean Exercises

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It’s safe to say that at the age of 41 and after just having not one but two babies, Mariah Carey has never looked healthier.  According to People Magazine, Mariah began working out immediately after having her newborn twins to get back into her pre-baby body. How does she do it? Using a variety of workout techniques, Mariah has quickly gotten back into shape.

Not only does the new mom tweet about her jogs with her five Jack Russell terriers (Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, Squeak E., Beans, and JJ) since April 2011, but she also admits in her interviews and tweets about her love for water aerobics. With her and her daughter’s love for water, going to the ocean for water exercises is a great way to spend some family time as well as a fun way to shed some post-baby weight. It has also been noted that Mariah went to Florida for a workout-heavy vacation. Now that’s dedication!

Why does she choose water aerobics and water activities? Mariah says that water aerobics has been one of her favorite activities and that it’s “actually three times more effective” than other workouts! As for her diet, Mariah sticks to her usual way of staying healthy – eating what she calls “boring, healthy foods.”  Who would mind snacking on a few boring carrots if they could look like Mariah at her age and in her situation?

If you want to have Mariah’s healthy body, follow what she does and have fun while exercising! Do the activities and workouts you enjoy so every workout isn’t a chore, but a hobby. Go outdoors, travel, and spend time with loved ones. Try water aerobics! Exercise whenever possible in proper dosages for you. Tweet about it or let someone know of your exercising plans to ensure that you will follow through with the diet or workout and most likely, you will continue with it and see results much quicker than if you let yourself slip up once in a while. Be dedicated and have fun! Oh, and make sure to eat those “boring” fruits and vegetables once in a while, too!

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