Manny Pacquiao’s Pre-Fight Workout and Training

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Manny Pacquiao Pre-Fight Workout and Training

WBO World welterweight champion and Ring Magazine light welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, will defend his title against former champ Joshua Clottey on Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium.  With Pacquiao being the pound-for-pound best fighter in boxing and the new Cowboys Stadium being perhaps the most impressive arena in all of sports this is sure to be a must see event.

Pacquiao’s popularity and success are at an all time high.  He was featured on both the Time 100 and Forbes 100 lists in 2009 and the Filipino southpaw is the first boxer in history to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions.

Pac-Man’s long time trainer Freddie Roach recently shared the fighter’s pre-bout training routine with Men’s Fitness magazine. The 31-year-old champion trains for four weeks at his home in the Philippines and then for a month at Los Angeles’ Wild Card Boxing Club.

Pacquiao employs a variety of exercises to help get him in fighting shape.  He runs each morning and then follows that up with three-hour workout which includes sparring, shadowboxing, jumping rope, speed bag work and heavy bag work.

“When he hits the heavy bag, he tries to kill the bag,” says Roach.

An avid hoops fan, Pac-Man also incorporates basketball into his training, as well as stability, strength, and plyometric drills.

Pacquiao varies his running as well.  On sparring days, the fighter will go for a 35-minute run on flat ground, on non-sparring days he trains with hour-long uphill runs.  He uses sprint work on the track as the fight gets closer and always finishes with 1,000 situps.

“Manny’s a machine,” Roach says.

Perhaps the craziest part of Pacquiao’s training is what he does with the Thai stick.  He has one of his coaches beat his abs, arms and shins to deaden the nerves to help him better absorb punches.

Pacquiao’s is one of a very small group, if not the only fighter who uses the stick training.  Roach says, “Its mind conditioning, some fighters if they get hit, they panic.  But if you do the stick, and you get in the ring and get hit, you still relax and focus on the fight.”

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