Mad Men Star Christina Hendricks Celebrates Her Body

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Mad Men Star Christina Hendricks Diet and Workout Tips

The fourth season of Emmy Award winning drama Mad Men airs every Sunday on AMC. Fans are enthralled in Don Draper’s struggles and conquests, but also enjoy the style of the 60s and 70s. Christina Hendricks, who plays office manager Joan Harris, is reminding men and women across America that a voluptuous body is beautiful. Christina appreciates the admiration, and maintains her glow by following a healthy diet, consistent workout routine, and appreciating her figure.

Healthy Body Image

Christina Hendricks told SELF magazine, “My healthiest habit is keeping positive about my body at whatever stage it is–being confident and celebrating who I am at the moment.” Although Christina has a healthy body image, she did not always understand the fuss over her appearance. She says, “At first, I thought people were calling me out and it made me feel uncomfortable that they were focused on it.” “Then when I realized it was all positive and it was actually helping other people, it started making me feel great.”

Love for Veggies

As a child Christina Hendricks did not eat the healthiest diet. Her mom fed her “very much Southern ’70s cooking, like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and quiche.” But when she grew up, Christina began sharing her love for vegetables with her mom. She says, “My mom didn’t like them, so she hardly ever cooked them–and when she did, they would be overcooked. Now when she comes over and I make fresh veggies, she says, ‘These are the most delicious things I’ve ever had!’ So I’ve turned my mom on to vegetables, which is good.”

Christina Hendricks also enjoys seasonal cooking and eats for energy. She checks out seasonal recipes at online sites like epicurious and always looks for what is fresh. She says, “I’ll just go to the grocery store and look around for what’s beautiful and pick that up. Like rhubarbs!” As far as diet is concerned, she says she eats healthily because “I feel like I need more energy, so I’m trying to stay away from tons of carbs and eat more protein.”

Well-Rounded Workout

Christina Hendricks never does a workout alone. She works out three times per week with her fiancé and their personal trainer. She says, “It’s amazing how quick an hour can go by when you work out with someone you love.” “Working out together makes it fun!” The pair generally does a workout including cardio and strength.

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