Jennifer Aniston Tries Out And Swears By The New Zone Diet

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When it comes to exercise and finding new forms of diets, Jennifer Aniston is no stranger. After following the Baby Food Diet to prepare for her role in “Just Go With It,” Jennifer takes on a new diet for her role in “Horrible Bosses.”  Although the Baby Food Diet worked amazingly for her previous movie, this new diet known as the New Zone Diet, developed by Dr. Barry Sears, has also worked wonders as seen in her role as Dr. Julia Harris D.D.S , a sultry dentist.

The New Zone Diet, also known as the 40 30 30 Diet, is built upon the idea that 40% of the foods you eat should be carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. This method of portioning out the food groups you eat allows for a complete meal without using unhealthy rationing.

Under the 40% carbohydrates category, Jennifer Aniston chooses from items such as:
- Fruits and Vegetables
Since carbohydrates are simpler sugars, eating more of it in comparison to heavier proteins and oils gives the body the signal that it is full but at the same time, is something that can be burned off quickly through exercise.

As for the 30% proteins category, choose from:
- Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Tofu, Beef
Eating a variety of lean proteins such as fish and tofu instead of chowing down a steak gives the body an easier time to burn off calories as well.

Finally, for the 30% fats, choose from:
- Avocados, Olive Oil, Fish Oils
Fats and oils are often mistaken as unhealthy, but the truth is they are essential to a complete diet. Good fats and oils such as the ones listed above support the immune system and reduce blood pressure, two crucial parts to being healthy.

Of course, simply eating correctly will not help anyone maintain a healthy diet, even if that someone is Jennifer Aniston. The second half of her fitness plan in order for her to look this incredible at the age of 42, is of course EXERCISE. Her tips for exercising? Yoga, yoga, and more yoga! According to Cameron Shayne, Jennifer’s personal trainer, “In addition to the [yoga] sessions, reduce the consumption of exciting products (i.e. coffee and alcohol).” Stick to this plan and it is guaranteed to see results within a month!

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