How Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi Stays Slim

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The season finale of Top Chef D.C. airs this Wednesday, September 15th. Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi loves her job, but admits it can take a toll on her figure. In order to look and feel her best, Padma Lakshmi works out and does a post-show detox, but also cuts herself a break. Check out her workout and diet tips!

Boxing Back Into Shape After Top Chef

Padma Lashmi’s favorite workout is boxing. The Bravo host recently told That’s Fit, “I’ve been boxing for about seven years now.” “I love it.” She says, “It’s a very meditative practice.” “You have to really concentrate. When someone is swinging at you, you don’t really think about anything else.” Even better, Padma Lakshmi thinks boxing helps her self image. “I think it’s a confidence booster and I think that no matter what mood you go into the boxing ring in, you come out feeling better.”

Staying Slim While Eating for a Living

Padma Lakshmi is a stunning, 5-foot-9 beauty. But when eating delicious Top Chef cuisine is how you earn your living, it is difficult to maintain your weight. Padma usually gains 10 to 15 pounds per season and keeps two dress sizes on set to accommodate her changing body. How much is Padma actually eating? According to a New York Times article, she says, “That’s tasting 16 to 17 bites of each dish we test, each with 17 to 20 ingredients or more.” Further, the food is generally high in fat to maximize flavor. Even with all those extra calories, Padma Lakshmi enjoys herself and stays balanced. She says, “I just try to cut myself a break — I know I’m going to gain weight.” “In my job, I eat the most when I’m working the most.” Finally, “When the season is over, I go into food detox.”  Meaning, “no red meat, no alcohol, no cheese, until I’m back in shape.”

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