Hilary Duff’s Wedding Workout and Diet

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People recently reported on how Hilary Duff got in shape for her Saturday wedding to NHL player Mike Comrie. Hilary Duff worked out with celebrity trainer, and author of The 5-Factor World Diet, Harley Pasternak to prepare for the big day. Pasternak also trained Megan Fox and Jennifer Hudson for their weddings, so he knows how to get the job done. Check out the workout and diet Hilary used to slim down and tone up before she tied the knot!

Wedding Workout

Harley Pasternak says, “The key is to have amazing shoulders, amazing arms, posture is really important.” “But it’s also important to have a really tight midsection, because the way a wedding dress hugs your midsection, you really want it lean and tight.” Hilary Duff upped the ante on her pre-wedding workout routine by increasing her cardio. “Instead of a five-minute cardio warm-up and a five-minute cardio cool-down, maybe we extend those cardio phases to 15 minutes before and after our workout.” Little changes can make a big difference!

Diet for the Dress

Hilary Duff kept her energy high for wedding planning and also stayed slim. Pasternak had her on a diet consisting of five daily meals. According to People, this included “a breakfast burrito, mid-morning snack (berry smoothie), lunch (chopped salad), afternoon snack (apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie) and dinner (“she loves Japanese food”).” For more of Pasternak’s diet advice, check out his website on The 5-Factor Diet.

It’s Not so Easy

Although the workout and diet routine proved a success, Hilary Duff was not without complaint. Pasternak says, “I think she vocally disliked them all!” But, “She looks toned and tight… I’m really proud of her, she looks fantastic.” We can’t wait to see pictures of Hilary’s big day. After all this hard work she is sure to look amazing!

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