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How do celebrities stay slim while on the go? By relying on healthy, quick and easy snacks they can carry with them.

Many women will agree that a busy schedule can be the downfall of a healthy diet. When out of the house all day – whether running errands, attending meetings, or working in the office – it is tough to keep your energy level high without sabotaging your diet plan. Try these healthy, celebrity-favorite snacks for that extra boost!

Entourage actress Emmanuella Chriqui says, “I go for fresh options like almonds, carrot sticks and fruit.” Almonds are a great idea because they are filling, provide protein and healthy fat. Also, almonds taste great at room temperature, so they can easily be carried in your purse. Just make sure to measure them because almonds are high in calories.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Kristen Bell says, “I recently bought a bin of apples, and I’ve been eating one a day.” Apples are perfect for fall, high in fiber and vitamin A, with less than 100 calories. Make a day of it and find a local farm for apple picking this weekend!

30 Rock actress Katrina Bowden says, “My go to snack is pretzels. I could eat them all day long!” Although pretzels aren’t loaded with nutrients, they are generally free of additives and low in sugar. Light popcorn is probably a healthier option – full of whole grains and plenty of fiber.

Dexter star Julie Benz says, “I eat a lot of vegetables with hummus. When I want something sweet, I love KIND bars.” KIND bars are all natural fruit and nut bars sold at Starbucks, so it is easy to grab one on-the-go.

Ray actress Kerry Washington says, “I’m a big believer in protein shakes. My trainer David Kirsch makes one I live by.” David Kirsch also trains actress Julianne Moore and super-model Heidi Klum, proving his diet plan is effective. For another great protein shake, check out celebrity trainer and Thintervention star Jackie Warner’s health shake.

Source: Us Weekly, Issue 796, May 17, 2010

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