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Here’s what some of Hollywood’s fittest starts are saying on Twitter about their latest workout sessions.

danecook 200x300 Celebrity Workout Tweets fitness news celebrity fitness @KimKardashian – I’m at the gym… What r u guys doing today to workout?
@brookeburke – Going to the gym. I’m loving my new program. Cardio! of course wearing Baboosh body!!!
@MISSMYA – Up and at it again. Revising contracts. So time consuming & boring but very necessary. At some point the gym will be a must today.
@Miranda_Lambert – Gym and water. Gotta hydrate to dehydrate. It’s Vegas.
@JoJoistheway – Ate WAY WAY WAY too much yesterday. 2 hours in the gym today. Lets go!!!!
@amandabynes – OK i’m gonna go to the gym and to the market! i’ll be back later with more facts!
@KevinDurant35 – Gettin this cut..then goin to da gym to lift..2 things yall never thought I did lol lol
@danecookGym. Yes, really.

@CharissaT – headed to the gym… need some iced coffee as motivation. not good though dehydrates. whtever. I NEED IT radio call today with indy1070
@ThisIsRobThomas – ok. i’m in danger of sitting in front of the computer all day. stepping away and going down to the gym.ashleytisdale 188x300 Celebrity Workout Tweets fitness news celebrity fitness
@DavidArchie – Oh by the way, I got a quick workout in and now I’m topping it off with a Blueberry Blast Emerald City Smoothie :).
@heidimontag – my husband waking me up for yoga at 5:00am is just crazy!!
@elizadushkuyoga is my joint.
@IAmSteveHarvey – Good Morning Everbody. I am riding the bike today in a suit!
@HaylieKV Pilates this morning!
@Jessica SimpsonBoxing has changed my life! I have so much energy and it has cured my insomnia. Although I don’t think I can get out of bed I’m SO sore.
@ashleytisdale – Workin on my fitness with my “trainer” vanessa lol. She fierce when it comes to cycling haha

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