Bravo Star Jackie Warner Tells Fans “This Is Why You’re Fat”

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Beverly Hills trainer Jackie Warner recently published a diet book, This Is Why You’re Fat, and debuted a new reality TV show, Thintervention, on Bravo. On Thintervention, Jackie overhauls the workout and diet habits of eight Los Angeles residents. The program includes a diet makeover, strength training, and intense cardio workouts. The show incorporates the strategies Jackie discusses in This Is Why You’re Fat. She recently highlighted a few tips in an interview with That’s Fit. Check out what Jackie Warner has to say about her weight loss diet and workout!

Diet Makeover

Jackie Warner realizes that it is nearly impossible to change years of bad eating habits in one day. That is why the first two weeks of her diet plan focus on adding healthy and fat burning components to her clients’ current diet. Jackie says, “I designed the first two weeks of my food plan to be a “non-diet.” When you add fat-burning and detoxifying foods (water with lemon, for example) into your daily calories, you rapidly change your body chemistry to satisfy physical and emotional hungers. I came upon this by accident; I always ask new clients to keep seven-day food journals and what I noticed is that most of them either skipped breakfast or ate high-calorie breakfasts followed by a long stretch of starvation and a huge dinner. By adding in new foods, their cravings for sugary and fatty foods decreased, the body starts correcting itself within a couple days and you no longer have cravings in a week or two.”

Strength Training and Power Cardio

According to Jackie Warner, the key to weight loss is increasing your metabolism with strength training. Long cardio sessions are not required, as long as each cardio workout is intense. Jackie says, “I suggest you prime your body to become a real fat-burning machine by increasing your metabolic rate by lifting weights at least two to three days a week; that’s equally important to smoking calories via cardio exercise. Then on top of the more intense weight-lifting exercises, I do suggest putting maximum effort into cardio workouts but only for 20 minutes or so per session. My fast-moving interval programs train your body to go longer at higher levels of effort and work at a higher percentage of your aerobic capacity. That blasts more calories, helps you lose weight and quickly improves overall health.”

Top Diet Tips

Jackie Warner also shared her top five diet tips with That’s Fit. “First, let’s talk about the healthiest rule, which is, listen to your body when it tells you are full and don’t keep eating.” She also suggests, “If you cheat on a day that you are supposed to be eating clean, don’t get disheartened and throw away the rest of the day or week with bad eating. Get right back into my program.” Also important is not using “workouts as an excuse to be gluttonous and eat junk.” Learning portion control and understanding serving size is key. And finally, “Never skip a meal! Always eat five meals a day and two snacks.”

Check out Jackie’s new show Thintervention every Monday on Bravo!

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