Apolo Ohno: The Greatest American Winter Olympian

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Apolo Ohno greatest winter olympian ever

This weekend in Vancouver, Apolo Anton Ohno has solidified himself in history as the most-decorated American Winter Olympian of all time.  Like the medals he earned at Salt Lake city and Turin, his silver medal (1500 m) and bronze (1000 m) required lots of off-season training – about 12 hours of training per day.

“If you want to build leg strength, jumping with resistance is probably the fastest way to do it,” Ohno told Men’s Fitness in its February 2010 issue. Specifically, Ohno wears a 45-pound vest while doing one-legged chest-to-knee jumps. As if that wasn’t hard enough, he keeps the raised foot behind him at 90 degrees parallel to the ground.

Ohno’s recommendation to try at home: walk sideways up the stairs (one step at a time) with a speed skater position; this will strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Of course, the short track speed skater also has to supplement his training with the proper diet:

“I have many post-race meals but one of them is Coconut Chicken Curry with Washington fingerling potatoes. It’s the perfect match for a long day of training or racing where I need to fuel my body with the right proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables to boot. I make it in a slow cooker. One of my good friends, Sov, initially showed me his version of the recipe.”  Men’s Fitness

Ohno will be looking to add to his medal totals on Friday, February 26, as he competes in the Men’s 500 m (quarterfinals on Wednesday) and Men’s 5000 m Relay.

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