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usher 180x300 Usher Works with Energy Coach workout routines fitness tips celebrity workouts celebrity fitness Usher has appeared in a few of our previous posts, not for his workout, but for the upbeat music he is pumping out to help other celebs get through their training sessions.  Usher’s latest album was set to release this past week but has been pushed back to March 30th.  The crooner has had a falling out with his mother, and former manager, Jonetta Patton, and Jive Records has refused to release the new record until Usher signs with a management firm.

Waiting for the new album to drop should give him plenty of time to keep up with his fitness in the gym.  Usher’s is well known for the energy he brings to his shows and the abs he isn’t afraid to show off.  Dave Cater of Fit & Famous magazine called his workout routine “extraordinary” and his conditioning “inspiring.”

To unleash the animal within him Usher sought the help of an “energy” coach.  His new found trainer, Flo, says “keeping the body’s internal system in perfect working order is the key to reaching your physical potential.”  “A lot of trainers work the outside, which makes the client look good, but they are dying on the inside and the inside is the most important part.”

Here are some tips from Flo on what he has done to help re-energize Usher:

Water down your diet…

“I added things to his diet so that his body could regenerate and recover quicker when he gets tired,” Flo told Fit & Famous.  “He needed a more alkalizing diet, and so I suggested fresh food such as avocados and spinach.  Since our body is more than 75-percent water, I wan to include things that are 75-percent water. These are the right kinds of foods that can make our bodies function the way it has to.”

Use your body weight…

“I always have people use their own body weight.  I don’t really believe in lifting weights,” says Flo.  He puts usher in the pool for an effective resistance training session.

Train like an animal…

The one body weight training session that “kick’s his [Usher] butt like no other” is the “Animal” workout.  “I ask him to assume the movements of certain animals, like the alligator, or bear, or seal.  He starts to walk like the animal and in just a few minutes they are beasts.  We rest for 30 seconds and start again.  He’s finished in no time.”

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