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In it’s April 2009 issue Men’s Health named the TRX Suspension Trainer as the Best Total Body Workout Tool.  The TRX is the ultimate portable workout that you can literally take anywhere.  It weighs less than 2 lbs and will give you one of the most challenging workouts imaginable.  The TRX incorporates functional body-weight exercises for a full body workout.  The movements and workouts you can create with TRX are endless and the Fitness Anywhere website is constantly updated with new exercises and challenges to keep your workouts on the cutting edge.

All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees is TRX’s most recent partner calling the suspension trainer “the greatest piece of functional equipment that exists.”  You can watch Brees demonstrate the August, TRX Game Day Challenge or purchase and download the entire 4 circuit workout program Brees uses to get ready for the NFL season at  Check out Drew Brees in action below. has a video demonstration of the TRX workout developed by trainer Gregg Miele for celebrity clients Mary J. Blige, Ellen Pompeo and Giselle Bundchen.  Miele “packs TRX to-go kits for stars when they’re going on tour or shooting on location!”
Jennifer Lopez also uses the TRX with her trainer Gunnar Peterson.  Says Peterson, Lopez has  “done push-ups on them, rows, hamstrings – there’s not a body part that you can’t hit using it.  It allows you to work with your body weight depending on the angle and how much you pull on it.”

Emmy winning star of My Name is Earl and summer hit move I Love You, Man, Jaime Pressly graced the cover of Shape Magazine in March telling the mag, “I use this (the TRX) to tone up at home when I can’t get to the gym.”

Season 6 of the Biggest Loser featured the contestants using the TRX and trainer Bob Harper had this to say:

“I have been a trainer now for almost 20 years and I am constantly looking for new equipment. Now being a trainer on “The Biggest Loser”, my workouts have to be effective and on the cutting edge. Thanks to the TRX, I got some really great workouts with my contestants this season. Watching them be challenged by working on something that requires such core strength, as well as shear FULL body strength, I knew I had a great piece of equipment on my hands. I really LOVE this piece of equipment!!!”

Olympic swimmer and Dancing With the Stars contestant Natalie Coughlin told Trathlete Magazine, “I absolutely love strength training and have tried a lot of different things from heavy, max-out weight lifting to simply Pilates…I recently started using the TRX suspension system and absolutely love it. I bring it with me when I travel.”  She also told Fit Sugar she loves doing atomic pushups.  Even MMA fighters, such as Brandon Vera, use TRX.

Try this “taxing upper body blast” featured in the July 2009 issue of Muscle and Fitness.

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