Celebrity Diets for Spring: Macrobiotic Diet

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This week marks the final chapter in our series about favorite celebrity diets for spring. Celebrities use these diets to cleanse toxins, promote weight loss, and maintain their Hollywood bodies. Check out all the celebrity diets we explained and figure out which works best in your life!

This Week: Macrobiotic Diet

This week’s celebrity diet is the Macrobiotic Diet. A Macrobiotic Diet is a lifestyle as opposed to a diet plan. Followers eat mostly natural, organic, plant-based foods and embrace “Zen-like” spirituality in their lives and food choices. Celebrity fans of the diet include Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Joe Pesci.

Macrobiotic Diet originated in Japan and combines elements of Zen Buddhism with a Western-style vegetarian diet. In addition to providing food recommendations, a Macrobiotic Diet promotes spiritualism transcending lifestyle, attitude, and diet routines. The Macrobiotic Diet supports the Eastern philosophy of attaining balance of yin and yang. To achieve this balance, foods are paired based on their sour, sharp, salty, sweet, and bitter qualities. Yin foods are cold, sweet, and passive, whereas yang foods are hot, salty, and aggressive. Other foods are prohibited because they contain toxins or are too far on either end of the yin/yang spectrum, making optimal Zen-like balance difficult to achieve.

Macrobiotic Diet followers eat mostly locally grown, natural foods prepared and eaten in traditional manners – such as baking, broiling, and steaming. Dieters also eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Generally speaking, the diet consists of grains, vegetables, beans, fermented soy, and soups. However, small amounts of fish, nuts, seeds, and fruits can be consumed. Macrobiotic Diet followers never consume fatty meats, most dairy, sugars, coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, chocolate, refined flower, very hot spices, poultry, chemicals and preservatives.

Check out this sample Macrobiotic Diet plan:

  • Whole grains, especially brown rice: 50%-60%
  • Vegetables (and seaweed): 25%-30%
  • Beans: 5%-10%
  • Fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, miso soup: 5%-20%
  • Soup (made from ingredients above): 1-2 cups/day

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