Celebrity Diets for Spring: Five Squares

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Top 5 Celebrity Diets: Five Squares used by Vanessa Williams

Every Friday this month we will feature one of the five latest and greatest celebrity diets. Celebrities use these diets to cleanse toxins, lose weight, and maintain their Hollywood bodies. Check in every week to learn more celebrity diets for spring!

This Week: Five Squares

Celebrity diets are often complicated, and difficult to maintain. This week we explain a different kind of diet. Five Squares is an easy and maintainable plan, sure to slim you down. Celebrity fans of the diet include Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera.

Five Squares is a diet consisting of five daily meals, free of dairy, wheat, and refined sugar. Total daily caloric intake is between 1,100 to 1,400 calories. Plans are available online at 5squares.com, starting at $43 per day. Although this plan is expensive, you are getting better quality food for your money. Five Squares meals are additive-free and diverse, preventing diet boredom. However, some people feel the small portions make it difficult not to snack.

If you want to Five Squares but don’t want to spend the cash, you can make your own meals at home. This may seem like a big undertaking, but if you plan different daily meal plans in advance it will be easy to rotate between the plans throughout the week. Make sure to keep your total calories under 1,400 and nix dairy, wheat, and refined sugar. You can also buy the Five Squares cookbook for ideas!

Check out this sample menu from Five Squares:

Meal 1: Blueberry muffin with a side of turkey sausage

Meal 2: Homemade chicken and cauliflower soup

Meal 3: Turkey marinara over rice pasta served with a side of broccoli rabe

Meal 4: A mix of crudites with hummus for dipping

Meal 5: Oatmeal and almond crusted pork tenderloin served with a side of asparagus and a baked apple

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