Sandra Bullock Looks Sculpted from Every Side

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Sandra Bullock Blind Side Celebrity workout diet

Sandra Bullock recently won a Golden Globe for her role as lead actress in The Blind Side. Not only was Sandra fit in the film, she also looked stunning while gracing the red-carpet; let’s not forget her sexy role opposite Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal.

Sandra’s workouts include many types of cardio and strength training because the variety keeps her motivated. She also changes her workout based on location. “I do a lot of Pilates, kick boxing and weight training in L.A. and when I’m in Austin I run or ride a bike,” says Bullock who splits her time between Los Angeles and her Texas Ranch. When in Los Angeles, Sandra also works-out with her trainer, Eden Paul. According to Paul, Sandra’s workouts “incorporate plyometrics, weights, Pilates and boxing.”

To look sculpted from every side, try the 35-minute circuit Paul created for Sandra:

  • Warm up with a 5 to 10 minute treadmill walk at a pace of 4.0.
  • Alternate three sets of 20 standing squats with three sets of push ups (as many as you can do in good form).
  • Alternate three sets of 20 reverse lunges with three sets of 15 dumbbell dead lifts (Squat with dumbbells in each hand. Make sure your back is flat and knees don’t reach past your toes).
  • Alternate three sets of 15 side lunges (alternate sides) with three sets of 20 dumbbell bicep curls to shoulder press (with palms up curl dumbbells into your chest keeping your elbows close to your sides, press dumbbells up, bring your arms back down, reverse curl and repeat).
  • Lie face up in a crunch position (legs in the air, spine flat on the ground) and scissor kick the legs for as many seconds as you can in good form. Rest and repeat three times.

Source: InStyle
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