Robert Pattinson’s Workout Plan

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Robert Pattinson Workout

Robert Pattinson returns to the big screen this weekend with his latest flick, Remember Me, a romantic comedy also starring Emile de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan.  It’s the actor’s first big project since his breakout role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

There’s certainly no shortage of talk about the bodies of Pattinson and the other cast members of Twilight, with Pattinson even being featured on People’s 100 Most Beautiful list.

Pattinson’s went the extreme route with his workout and diet in preparing for his role as Cullen.  According to, he ran and kickboxed for up to 5 hours a day as part of his training.  He also cut his alcohol intake and cut his calories by eating only one meal per day.

“I was just trying to lose every ounce of body fat, so when I took off my shirt, I would look like an alien,” Pattinson recalls. “I thought that kind of worked for the story. The idea of taking my shirt off and looking like some sort of Adonis? Everyone would just laugh.”

“I just looked so different,” Pattinson recalls. “I was so much more muscular than I had ever been in my life, but I looked weird.” So Rob gave up his dieting and admits during filming, “I was on a full cheeseburger diet.”

These type of extreme workout and diet combos are very difficult to keep up for long and often cause over-eating once the person gets off the program.  It is also not something we recommend doing as your body needs frequent meals to help build muscle and see more sustained results.  A safer way to burn fat and lose weight is to eat smaller, more frequent meals.  In addition, working out for 5 hours a day can lead to over-use injuries.  We have long been proponents of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or circuit training, which studies have shown are a more efficient way to burn calories and lose fat.

New Moon trainer, Nathan Mellalieu agrees, and once he got a hold of the actors in the film he immediately put them through some shorter, more intense workouts.

Mellalieu described his work in an article in the UK version of Men’s Fitness

‘My team only had a few weeks to get the cast ready before shooting began so we put them through three to four intense workouts per week. We tried to stick to this during the shoot so that each actor’s look would be consistent throughout the film, but it was tricky because everyone had different shooting schedules.

‘With Robert Pattinson we did lots of boxing drills, which helped created the lean, muscled look he has in New Moon. He has great hand speed and footwork and seemed to really enjoy the sessions. We also had all the actors doing functional exercises using little or no weight so they weren’t bogged down with too much bulk and could move athletically when filming a stunt.’

If you want to get the ripped look of one of the vampires from the film, try these two quick workouts Mellalieu regularly did with those playing the undead. Do Workout A one day, Workout B the next, rest the following day, then repeat. That’s one week of New Moon training. One session should comprise three rounds of each workout. Perform each round as quickly as possible, with a two-minute break between each one.

Workout A:
100 barbell jump squats (25 per cent of your one-rep max)
100 barbell shoulder presses (25 per cent of your one-rep max)
100 crunches

Workout B:
20 burpees
30 reverse crunches
40 jumping lunges
50 squats

Here’s one of the circuits Mellalieu did with the actors who played the werewolves. If you want to get the Taylor Lautner look, do a Werewolf circuit session once a week in place of one of your normal weightlifting sessions. Do as many circuits as you can in 20 minutes. The most circuits managed by any of the New Moon cast was 17. See if you can beat that.

Werewolf circuit:
5 pull-ups
10 press-ups
15 bodyweight squats

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