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We had a few crazy celebrity workouts come across the news this week that we just couldn’t find completely believable so we thought we share them with you and see what you had to say…

Mel B…no way right?
Pop singer Mel B told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight that she stays in shape by having sex with her husband five times a day.

“Today was only three because I had a busy day,” Mel said. “My husband tapped out, he was like, ‘It’s a wrap.’ Me and my husband, we’re the same age, he’s my best friend and I guess we’re both just perverts with each other. What else can I say?”

TCW says…Well, if you are looking to burn some calories having sex will certainly get the job done, but we just can’t imagine it’s happening 5 times a day for Mel B.  The former Spice Girl and DWTS contestant is currently hosting Oxygen’s weight loss show Dance Your Ass Off, so we find it hard to believe she has the time to pull off that many sessions a day.  Or maybe we are just jealous.

Jennifer Love Hewitt does what?
“I’ve run on my treadmill in heels thinking that it would make better leg muscles,” said Jennifer Love Hewitt. “It doesn’t. It just hurts your back. And I’ve gotten on the treadmill with a scoop of ice cream. I was like ‘At least I’m working out.’”

TCW says…Most people do calf raises, Jennifer Love Hewitt runs on the treadmill in heels…wow.  We are glad she says it doesn’t work, we could’ve had a lot of injuries with that advice floating around.  Jennifer Love Hewitt also has eaten ice cream on the treadmill.  We’ll go ahead and assume that if you are on this site then you know that isn’t a good idea.

Have you heard of any other crazy celebrity workouts?  What is the most bizarre thing you’ve done for a workout?

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